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About us

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M&M Metal Design is a veteran-owned, metal fabrication business, but we prefer to consider ourselves artisans. A more comprehensive definition of our craft would be, in effect, combining blacksmithing along with welding and metal design. Here in our shop, we use the CNC method for cutting materials, which means that no job is too complicated or sizable. We aspire to create custom pieces that bring to life your ideas! Which means, we work with home-makers, business owners, large companies, designers, or anyone looking for a specialized metal piece. Additionally, we collaborate with other fabrication shops, creating pieces that other shops may not have the machinery for. While custom pieces are our specialty, we work with a variety of customers to replicate pieces, create metal parts, and provide installation when needed. Where you have an idea, or a need, we are here to execute it!

M&M is a shop with big dreams and aspirations for expanding. We dream of raising up future young artisans and furthering our work to create impact beyond our shop walls.We are always dreaming! M&M is a shop with dreams to expand beyond our shop walls. We love our community and have dreams to come along side future generations – enable future artisans to create an impact beyond not only our shop walls but into the community!

Matt Makela

Veteran and Founder

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